Sunday, November 22, 2009

God chose to embody as you

One of the philosophical teachings of Anusara is that we are intrinsically good. Something in me yearns to believe this. I think it is one of the things that drew me to Anusara as a philosophy. The yoga practice should help the practitioner feel good about him or herself; to see the beauty that shines from within.

The creation story from a tantric perspective (this is VERY simplified)is that God chose to manifest as you and me. We are each purposeful creations of the One so that the One can experience Itself through us. Kinda cool huh? God DELIGHTS in you and me. Right now. Just as we are! Notice there is not anything in there about messing up or not doing "it" right. The tantra teaches that our worthiness is not earned, nor does it have to be repaid or "kept" by certain duties. It just is. Period.

Recently I have become aware of many of my dreams coming true. Often, actually always, these dreams are coming true in a bigger and better way than I could have ever imagined on my own. I am spending time in gratitude for all these gifts and have also noticed this twinge of doubt coming up. It plays something like this: "Ahh, this is just a fluke. Don't get too comfortable." And, to my horror, "You are not really good enough to deserve this. Soon everyone will realize this and "it" will end."

Simply being who we are is of delight to the One who made us. How cool would it be if, instead of trying to be someone, something else that I think I should be, I relished in knowing more fully who I am? If I spent time just knowing myself more fully? It is my belief that by celebrating my intrinsic worth that I am participating in a worshipful activity. If the Divine created me then why would I, how could I, want to diminish myself?

As I write this I see that God has given me my resolution. It is time to know my worth. It is time to stand in my goodness and truly soak up the abundance that Grace offers all of us. Wanna join me?

"Coincidentally" I cam across this sight,, and read the following:

You have only to allow yourself to connect to the worth you are, that you may then know all of the infinite ways your value to life truly contributes to the spiritual collective. Believe your worth is infinite just by being who you are, and life will provide you with an abundance of resources, and in that you will know in every way that the physical world has heard your claim that you are a priceless being and you will stand for no less in life than complete and total abundance in every way that will provide complete happiness for you. See the value you are, know it, feel it, believe it.

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