Wednesday, December 2, 2009

on our heart and soul's work-and the Athens rockin' yoga community

Of the many gifts I have been given in this life, the opportunity to teach and practice yoga is among the best. There was a time in my life when I thought I would never know what I was going to do with my life. That I would never be able to find my heart's true desires. My soul's work.

One of my dear friends, Shea, said, "Shannon, why don't you pray? Ask for help". Well, I wasn't even sure there was anything out there and even if there was I doubted it would help me. I was sure there was something wrong with me and that I was so different from everyone else that I would not hear even if an answer did come my way. But Shea said, "Just fake it 'til you make it . . . act as if you believe". She said, "all you have to be is even the tiniest bit willing and you will receive help".

Despite my abiding sense that I was doomed and different, I did have some willingness in my heart and so I called out to the Universe for help.

Now here's where the miracle happens. It didn't happen in my time necessarily and it didn't look like I thought it would. IT WAS BETTER. In fact, it was perfect for me. It came in the form of yoga. Above all things I desired a way to relate to God and I wanted meaningful direction for my life's work. Yoga came like a sweet kitty cat curled up on my doormat. It was offered to me like a gift for the taking.
I partook (is this a word?) casually. I knew there was something here for me and perhaps that was part of my hesitation. I remember being scared to be that quiet with myself.

My yoga journey began tentatively. It took me a several years to really dive in. Once I gave myself over I was amazed. Then Anusara came my way. In this school of yoga I find that I align so easily with the philosophical, physical and emotional principles. My life feels so rich and full.

Although this is not what I intended to write about I must have needed to. As the New Year approaches and we move towards our celebration of dying to the old and being born into the new may each of us remember the unending hope that is offered to us always. The One is there. Grace flows full and free. All we have to do is be but willing. When we align with the energy amazing things happen.

Now, quickly, I want to shout out to the ever growing Anusara kula (community) in Athens, GA. The other day I was checking people in and I could see into the yoga room. Everyone was chatting and catching up. I feel so happy to see this sweet group supporting themselves and one another through practice and community. I am so excited to continue our growth together.

With joy~

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  1. Shannon....I have been enjoying your blog. I can relate to not knowing what your life's work will be. And also not knowing if there even was a higher power out there. But faking it til you make it anyway. Discovering one's own concept of a higher power along the journey. Just doing the next right thing. It's not always easy, but it can be a simple way to work through trying to find one's place in the world. And I love the analogy of the sweet kitty cat.....Peace.....Teresa