Wednesday, November 18, 2009

this precious breath

My friend's husband lost his best friend last night. I am washed with the tenderness of remembering mortality. My heart hurts for my friend's loss. There is joy here too. For the bitter sweetness that comes with opening my heart and knowing love.

I have been thinking all day about this precious breath that you and I are breathing in and out. We are not guaranteed the next.

Here is my prayer, my invocation, for my life and to honor the life that ended early:
may I soak up each jeweled ray of the sweet moon
may I rejoice at the beguiling scent of the gardenia
may my heart dance with delight as I listen to my fiancee "talk" to our fat cat Mazzy
may I relish, truly drink up all the goodness that abounds in my life-the treasured friends, family, teachers and students that Grace me with their presence.

May I remember to kiss the earth as I bow in gratitude for the gift of this precious breath.

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