Monday, March 15, 2010

John Friend on how to get lucky

Barritt, Mary Virginia and I went to Columbia, SC to see John Friend. Wow! He never fails to inspire and refresh me. On Saturday John talked about how to get lucky. Hee Hee. Really, he did. Here's how:

First, John reminded us that when we are in alinment with the great Maha (great)Sakti (the active manifest power that creates the world) or Nature or God (really, whatever it is that is the One to you)then great things happen. That which appears to be random, in fact, is not.

Okay, getting lucky:

1. Be completely open to what is. Perceive the situation as a beginner.

Remember that Supreme Intelligence is intrinsically good. It pulses in everything in the Universe.

John said that because of Source's intrinsic goodness, if we are suffering we have to look at how we are aligning with Nature. It (the One) is not random, It is orderly and intrinsically good.

I have to add a personal side note here. When I first came to Anusara I got really triggered because I interpretted this philosphy to be saying that life is only good like there is not any pain, suffering, etc. What I have come to understand is this: EVERYTHING and EVERYONE is ultimately born of the One. The One is all goodness, all bliss, all light. At our core we are all good. We can,however, choose to align with darkness. Some of us more than others. We all do this. We belittle ourselves, we are cruel to someone, we ingest substances that harm us, we shut down our feelings. Then there are the big ones like murderers, etc. Darkness is part of life. Bliss at the core of all things does not mean there is not Life on Life's terms. There is no magic Anusara pill that makes everything, "okay". We can begin to understand that there is a Great Power that is ALWAYS present under EVERY circumstance and we can choose to align (and re-align, etc) with IT. We can remember that this Power is in us, is flowing through us as us. This helps me to remember that I can be with all my feelings. That none are to be poo-pooed or pushed down. If I try to push the feelings I don't want to feel down the Great order just helps them come into my life again and again :-) so I can grow and continue to awaken.

Okay, back to getting Lucky!

2. Application of knowledge

John said, "luck= L:living U: under C: correct K:knowledge"

3. You actually have to do it and work your hardest

We do have to show up. It's like if you want to get better at a pose:

1st, be open like a little kid. Have you noticed (do you remember in your own body?) how kids are so excited to see what they can do? They rarely (unless they have been taught that they are not enough) doubt their body's ability to play. Why can't we move back into this brilliance as we approach life?
Om Namah Shivayah: I open to my goodness

2nd, we apply the principles of Alignment. First, go back to step one. I am open ALL the possibilities (A.k.a. I am open to my head touching my foot in eka pada rajakapotasana)

3rd, I have to practice the pose in order for it to happen! I show up on my mat and work hard. I pratice, I get help, I listen. It will not fall from the sky . . . there is work, feeling and practice.

Finally, John reminded us that we cannot control the Mystery. We can be in line with It. As soon as I think I know I narrow the possibilities.

May you enjoy this shimmering day.

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  1. shan, today's class on getting lucky was one of the most fun (and challenging and meaningful) classes ever! my mom used to tell me she didn't really believe in luck--but i think she (and i) believe in what you mean here by luck--that it's a very active thing we become by doing--not that life is always blissfully easy. thanks for being such a kindhearted teacher!