Tuesday, January 12, 2010

LSD and a blade of grass

Did this catch your attention? :-) Oh, I have not posted in 11 days, I just haven't had the words. Now I do. I will try not to go too long.
So, Saturday Steve and I were driving to ATL to do a workshop with Martin Kirk. Martin is an amazing Anusara Yoga® instructor (http://www.kirkyoga.com/)with a zeal for life, a deep kindness and a gift at making the UPAs (universal principles of alignment) accessible. I was reading the intro of PATHS TO GOD, a book of lectures given by Ram Dass on the Bhagavad Gita (thanks Richard) aloud and it brought up a discussion between Steve and myself about Ram's, Timothy Leary's, etc. use of LSD to try to reach God. BTW, if I haven't mentioned (I feel like I met the biggest movie star), I met Ram while we were in Maui (not like he invited us over for dinner or anything, but still).

I love what Krishna Das said at a Kirtan workshp in ATL last year as he addressed his time using drugs. He said, "yes, I could feel like I was one with a blade of grass so I did get the experience of being one with everything. However, in order to keep that feeling of merging with the One you have to commit suicide because you will inevitable overdose on LSD to keep the feeling going." So, Krishna said he had to come to a way to know his union with the One without the prop of psychotropics.

Let me say now, if you have not seen the movie, "Fierce Grace" you must see it immediately. It is about Ram Dass as a young Harvard prof. along with T. LEary, etc. and their psychotropic experiments. Eventually Ram was led to his teacher Maharaj-ji and the story continues into the time of Dass's stroke. It is a beautiful, heart-opening piece and it was life changing and affirming for me.

Okay, back to the ride. Basically Steve and I were just recounting how the tantra teaches that each of us is a manefestation of the One creative, supreme energy and how do we support that memory in our daily lives without using harmful props like LSD. Can we remember that the One chose, just for It's delight, to pour out in unique expression as everything and everyone? So, everyone you and I encounter today, every kitty cat, every Farmville user, every bank teller, every chirping birdy . . . they are all the One expressing itself . . . dancing the dance of creation.

This is what it is all about.

God comes to us disguised as our lives.
- Paula D'Arcy


  1. HI Shannon~
    I read this on my calendar and thought it appropriate for this topic:

    When you are very honest with yourself and brave enough, you can express yourself fully. Whatever people may think, it is all right. Just be yourself. That is the actual practice, your actual life.

    Peace today, and tomorrow...and again.


  2. Nice posting. Do you know about this edition of the Gita?