Saturday, December 26, 2009


"the creative power of the Self that animates the entire universe, seen and unseen."

"the energy of the Divine that awakens the spiritual potentials of humanity. It is also called the Grace-Bestowing Power of the Divine, descent of the Holy Spirit, Light Immersion, Baraka, or Shaktipat."

"Shakti is the feminie aspect of divinity. Shakti is the life giving force essential for procreation."

The shakti is the feminine face of God. In Hindu lore she is the consort of Siva (the masculine face on God). She is the manifestation of creative energy.

So, yesterday Steve and I took our dog Dori on a walk through the trails near our home. I was telling Steve how these walks are one of my favorite things to do with him. The trails in our neighborhood feel like we are far away in the mountains and I immediately notice myself become more grounded when I walk them.

Dori is so delghtful on these walks. She has that little nose to the ground and she is so excited she can barely keep from galloping away. You can just see her little body light up. It brings me so much joy.

You may be wondering why I began this with Shakti definitions . . .
Well, Steve and I were talking about how fun she is to watch and Steve says, "she is so full of Shakti." So simple, but so profound: she is totally aligned at that moment and she just glows (yes, even through her gorgeous black fur). We talked about how we were naturally delighted in her because she is aligned with the One. When anyone is aligned with the One, they are in the Shakti. We are intrinsically drawn to the beauty of this Essence. That is what we were seeing in Dori. This is why we all delight in babies, in our pets, in the bird's song.

So, may I remember how effortlessly, how joyfully she sets about her life. She steps right into the Flow without question, without doubt. She KNOWS IT is always there.

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